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Clean Tech Institute- Graduation Class on 11/24/2010

CNCP Graduation 1221-2010

Certified Nanotech & Clean Tech Professional class graduation- DEcember 12-18-2010




“I cannot say enough good things about Cleantech Institute’s Certified Electric Vehicle Technician (CEVT) Training Program. The staff is on the leading edge of technology. A diverse group of instructors providing in-depth theory and hands-on at an engineering level.
The CEVT training class offers in-depth explanation of information presented. CTI has well equipped classroom and workshops. The CEVT course also incorporates  extra-curriculum events, networking opportunities in the EV industry, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. The course includes presentations from guest speakers in the EV industry i.e. manufacturers, conversion companies and technical experts. The course is demanding & challenging which is a testament to its high standards. Thank you to all at the Cleantech Institute”
David Kay (Community College Instructor and graduate of the Cleantech Institute)
Playa del Rey, CA

“As someone with little knowledge on electric vehicles, auto parts, batteries and how an internal combustion engine functions, I’m very thankful to be a part of this intensive and comprehensive training. I love the mixture of lectures, hands-on labs and guest speakers available to us”
Francine Yeung
Redondo Beach, CA

“ Best class I’ve ever taken period. Smartest and most accomplished teacher.
If you are into electric vehicle in any way, take this class.”
Melvin Dotts
Long Beach, CA

“My overall experience with this course was positive and I feel I learned a great deal about electricity, especially in the simplest, most basic concepts. I think the course has prepared me for further hands-on experience taking a part an internal combustion engine car and convert it to electric. Considering my little electric automotive experience to start with, I needed to learn the basic concepts of both which this course has provided me. Moreover, this education opens the door for many possibilities considering the different parts, maintenance and growing technology in the controller units and electric motor, but even more with the breakthroughs in battery technology. This course will be a great starting point to begin to modify and create electric vehicles.”
Frank Labita
Huntington Beach, CA

The education of clean energy technologies that was taught in the class has been invaluable to me. I am now a strong proponent of clean alternative energy systems for everyday use. In particulars, the conversion of an ICE vehicles into all electric vehicles will not only save money, but will have a positive impact on preserving on environment. The Cleantech Institute has become a leader in the Green Energy Education movement and I am a proud graduate of this class.”
Joe Schultz, III.
Westminster, CA

“Thank you, Cleantech Institute for giving me the opportunity to learn and open my mind/ skills to a new field. The future will be electric cars. Had I not enrolled in the Institute, I would be left behind. Electric cars create safer environment, plus saves all of us money. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thank you again CTI staff.”
Nhut Vu
Santa Ana, CA

“The most informative class/program I have ever attended. Teachers and staff were professionals. I hope to use the knowledge acquired from the training program as my career that will last for a very long time. I am most appreciative to the school for their hard work & dedication and I hope to make them proud with my success story.”
Ray Riray
Cypress, CA

“As a student of the CEVT at the Cleantech Institute, I find the curriculum to be broad based initially and fast paced toward the latter of the course. The materials provided and detailed lectures pinpoints the information necessary to understand the history, infrastructures, science, engineering and mechanics of the electric vehicle. This will help students to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities opening in the EV market.
As a U.S. veteran I believe this course is well-suited for young veterans with hands-on experience. The knowledge learned will provide a chance for former US military personnel to launch their own businesses or gain successful employment in the electric vehicle industry.”
Steve Schachowski
Irvine, CA

“First of all, I would like  to thank all people at the Cleantech Institute who gave me a chance to learn EV technology and become a Certified Electric Vehicle Technician. I have learned a lot from this class. I do not have any complaints about this class. It requires a lot of basic knowledge about Maths, Physics and Chemistry. In order to be successful in this class, students need to be prepared for all basic knowledge in science high school or colleges. It is a wonderful course and I like it a lot. Again, thank you very much.”
Tuan Nguyen
Anaheim, CA

“CEVT has been an enlightening electric vehicle training program that has helped outline the technical architecture of an electric vehicle. Converting an internal combustion engine car to an electric vehicle has been helpful to understand the process of design, and fabrication of a mechanical adapter, a motor mount and hands-on layout of high voltage battery and transaxle systems.”
Anthony Mormann
Garden Grove, CA

“I learned a lot about the CVT course, classroom training and curriculum was superb.  Lloyd Tran is an excellent trainer. Management and staff are very helpful and accommodating. The class is a team of great talents and a mixture of diversities and skills. I hope more training classes like this in the future. Thank you very much for this very fruitful opportunity.”
Bonne Bondoc
Irvine, CA

“CEVT is a great place to get in-depth knowledge on current alternative energy technologies, especially Electric Vehicle Technology. I got an opportunity to convert an internal combustion engine vehicle to 100% electric vehicle. How cool is that. I would definitely recommend this program to my friends if they asked.”
Chang Taing
Westminster, CA

“Cleantech Institute does an excellent job of promoting an entrepreneurial outlook in the new and emerging EV market. The CEVT program provides a solid foundation of knowledge so each student leaves with the ability to adapt it into their own area of specialty.”
Daniel Whittaker
Tustin, CA

“I have had a very enjoyable and very positive learning experience. This has been the best class/ training program I have ever attended.
It is a life changing experience. It has opened my eyes  to clean technologies and how much we need to change our ways of living.”
David Rabe, Jr.
Garden Grove, CA

“I was unclear as to what I would do after being laying off from my work of 7 years. I wanted a career that would help me develop skills for the future and a way to secure a position for myself. When I came to study at Cleantech Institute, I found hope and a sign of sanity. The CEVT program enabled me to see a clear future in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy. After four months of training, I am proud to be a Certified Electric Vehicle Technician. The following are unique advantages I found at the Cleantech Institute: internship availability, Guest lectures from the industry (Toyota, Cyclonatix, City Mayor..), Hands-on training, Attending conferences and seminars, One-to-one training and feed back from instructors, Tuition FREE with assistance from the EDD One Stop Center and Becoming the industry’s leader of an on-demanding career for the future.”

David Truong
Lake Forest, CA

“I am grateful for the opportunity to get trained at the Clean Tech Institute. It was thorough and comprehensive and I love the CAD program. I also love the hands-on on electric vehicle conversion from its own original conditions to final transformation of an electric vehicle. Really, the Institute is a great place to learn.”
Ben Chico
Fremont, CA

“I learner a lot of skills of the Electric Car Conversion. In the class I learn all the parts of the electric vehicle and have learned how much the electric car can save on gas”
Di Zhang
San Leandro, CA

“I  would like to thank the Director Lloyd Tran for this great opportunity. The Certified Electric Vehicle Technician was challenging with great instructors. I learned a lot in this course. Thank you.”
Souk Sokphay
San Leandro, CA

“The foundation I have just received in the Certified Photovoltaic Systems Specialist training program, I feel is very strong and comprehensive. The instructors were very helpful with my training. I feel very confident that he Clean Tech Institute will become a standard bearer for the solar and green industry. I highly recommend this Institution and its training programs.”
S. Boyd
Livermore, CA

“ A very good career-changing program.”
Ike Ojibe
Oakland, CA

“Great program. The Clean Tech Institute leverages an extensive network of PV solar professionals & business owners to add valuable contents and lecture materials to the program. The course is taught by working solar design engineers and integrators. The thirteen-week Certified Photovoltaic Systems Professional curriculum provided me with an excellent perspective on the big picture in the solar PV industry.”
Matthew Harris
Menlo Park, CA

“The CPVS program was very thorough. I benefited from the financing portion of the course. “
Scott Hosterman
San Francisco

“I am glad that I have made the right decision to take the CPVS course at the Clean Tech Institute, because I was not sure at the beginning. I am going to pursue a career in PV systems with my new skills and knowledge from the Clean Tech Institute. I am sure that I can do it.”
Felipe Sumagaysay
Fremont, CA

“ The CPVS is a very good program and even though it is challenging. But at the end of the day I learned a lot in this course.
Marcelino Anglo
Sacramento, CA

“The CPVS course was very challenging and helpful. Mr. Lloyd Tran and Ms. Fern Vu were both very helpful and tried to assist me whenever I needed help. I really enjoyed being around the students in the PV Specialist course. They were all very helpful.”
Jonathan Robinson
Fremont, CA

“I found training program informative, both theory and hands-on practice. Instruction was enjoyable and furthered my interest in PV and renewable energy technology.  I welcome the opportunity to join the Clean Tech Institute for future training and workshops.”
Carlos Martinez
San Jose, CA

“My goal is to work in the solar industry in sales and marketing. What I learned in the class gives me the knowledge and ability to speak with great confidence.”
Lamar Green

“Overall I would recommend the PV 5-week course at the Clean Tech Institute for anybody interested in learning more about the high growth solar PV industry.  After taking this course I feel more prepared in taking the NABCEP entry level certificate exam.”
Nolan Yip
San Francisco

“I very much like the Photovoltaic Systems Practitioner training program.
Within 5 weeks I have learned the knowledge and hands-on practiced the PV installation techniques. Thank you very much, teachers and the Clean Tech Institute.”
Ngo Tran
San Jose

“ Good class. The Instructors are very helpful and supportive”
William Scalzo
Santa Cruz, CA

“This Certified Nanotech & Clean Tech Professional is one of a kind in these economic challenging times.  Two emerging technologies that will become “buzz” words in this century.  This program provided me an eye opener similar when computers were introduced.  Clean Tech Institute provided excellent & thorough teaching procedures that a beginner can easily assimilate into a group of professionals.  The field trips to NASA & Other solar farms were very stimulating. 
I encourage individuals looking to change careers to look into their program seriously.”
Demos Punsalan
Fremont, CA 94538

“Cleantech Institute is creating next generation of Certified Nanotech, Cleantech  and green professionals
Who one day will provide significant contribution to industry in developing, promoting for deploying clean energy technologies worldwide.

I am proud to have certified myself from Clean Tech Institute in Fremont, California, and encourage students & professionals to certify or consult with Clean Tech Institute to see how you can change or improve your career & business in Clean Tech.”
Deepak Dhembre
Fremont, CA 94538

The Nanotechnology and Clean Tech Certification class provides in-depth information that opens the door to realizing new opportunities.  With increases understanding of the need for renewable energy and sustainability.  It is vital that everyone equips themselves with knowledge to prosper and make a positive contribution in Business and Industry.  This training exceeded my expectations.”
Jesse L. Lee
Castro Valley, CA 94546

“Interesting and unique training program.  Fast paced and complete.  It was a pleasure to be able to participate.”
Colleen Fitzpatrick
San Jose, CA 95124

“The CNCP is an excellent survey course to learn and understand the new wave of clean and renewable energy.  There are many nuances and hype concerning clean energy.  Some of the clean energy solutions are ripe for integration into our lifestyles while others still require many more years of development and many never be viable. 
This course will enable the participants to intelligently navigate and understand the new clean and renewable technologies.”
Daniel Hopen
Fremont, CA 94539

“I rate this class highly.  I learned a lot from the instructors as well as from Lloyd.  Thank you.”
Ven Guiang
Vallego,  CA 94591

“The course was well organized in terms of overall content.  We had valuable exposure to the differents areas of Nanotechnology and Clean Technology through the expertise of Lloyd Tran as well as other industry experts.  We had two good projects to work on and a few workshops too.  All of which were excellent opportunities for us to demonstrate our individual skills as well as work as a team. “
Sudipta DFeb
Union City, CA 94587

"The Certified Nanotech & Clean Tech Professional" is a very good program to learn about the evolving technologies in the Nanotechnology industry and also in the Clean tech industry.  The program is nicely organized with knowledgeable instructors in the education field and also professionals from the private industry.   You learn a lot about solar energy, wind energy and biofuels.  Also the visits to the high-tech laboratories to see the various microscopes completes the concepts learnt in class.  It is also very good for medical and biology, chemistry, engineering physics professionals and students to learn about nano-medicine."
Denis Palimar
Irive, CA   

“The Certified Nanotech and Clean Tech Professional training course was a great learning experience.  The weekly speakers are experts in their fields and presented their subject matters with passion.  I regularly felt inspired to delve deeper into presented subject matter in order to apply my skills in new areas. 
The group projects were valuable as learning experiences and team building exercises.  Our team developed a close working dynamic based on exploring and appreciating our varied disciplinary perspectives.

This experience was a revitalizing experience when I most needed fresh inspiration and new ideas.  I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in Nanotechnology or green tech. “
Heidi Miller
Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent job. I enjoyed the education. “
Robert Le Moyne
Running Springs, CA 92382

“I really like is say thank you Dr. Tran, Mr. Marc and Kristina they introduce us a great certificate program I got a new career path.  I would like to help in the field of renewable energy and clean energy sector.         
I enjoyed all the time this great course.  Thank you all of California Institute of Nanotech and Cleantech.
Syed Zahid Ahmed
Valencia, CA 91355

“I thoroughly enjoyed the CNCP program because of broad spectrum presented in the nanotech and clean tech fields.  The clean tech portion, I believe, should be taught more widely because it’s so relevant to our current world issues at energy, etc.  Ideally, the course should be expanded to, and offered at the university level, not only to increase the availability of the course, but produce more professionals/students in these needy fields. Overall, I can only say positive things about the CNCP course because it provides tremendous opportunity and a guided pathway to the clean tech and nanotech fields.  Basically a great look into frontier technologies and problem solving current issues of energy. “
Stephen Hsu 
Areadra, Ca 91007

“This program provided a very good fundamental understanding of nanotechnology and clean technology.  I personally enjoyed the opportunity to visit the CNSI lab and the speakers from industry.  As for as overall promotion of the program, I feel a majority of the people take this program to aid them in finding a job in this field.  Due to it being very new, it can sometimes be very hard to guarantee any job to incoming students and deter them from taking it seriously.  However, the networking opportunities and unique experiences from this program are what made this program extremely valuable to me and I would not hesitate to take it again! “
W. James Schada 
Los Angeles, CA 90005

“An excellent, broad overview of the breadth of the nanotech and cleantech industries, the course delves into enough detail to thoroughly expose students to the variety of possibilities.  Without an advanced degree, the course is challenging but adapted to all levels so everyone gains knowledge. The opportunities to tour labs and see the latest tech adds to the experience as well.  Add to that the network possibilities and I can say the value is more than worth the tuition. “
M-L Aaltonen
Los Angeles, CA 90025