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Cleantech Institute is a leading research, consulting and training organization in emerging clean & renewable energy industry.

NASA Ames Research- Cleantech Institute

Cleantech Institute is located at NASA Ames Park, focusing on advanced renewable energy projects. Our research group is collaborating with our partners at NASA Ames Research Center, universities and institutes in California.

Certified Electric Vehicle Technicians Class Graduation 02-2012


Most of today’s electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries.
One of the biggest downsides is the limited range between recharging.

LloydTran Lithium Air Battery

Our research team lead by our director Lloyd L. Tran is currently developing Lithium Air Technology that can potentially provides 10 times more energy density than the lithium ion battery technologies. The Lithium Air Battery technology using Nanocomposite Technologies, will power an electric car to 400 miles per single charge.

Carbon Nanotubes


Cleantech Training

The Cleantech Institute is the first Approved and Eligible Training Provider by the State of California for the following training programs:

Certified Electric Vehicle Technician

The Certified Electric Vehicle Technician (CEVT) program is a 16-week comprehensive course is designed to train a new generation of electric vehicle specialists to work in electric vehicle manufacturing industry. For more information.

Certified Electric Vehicle Technician workshop

Certified Photovoltaic Systems Specialist

The Certified Photovoltaic Systems Specialist (CPVS) program is a comprehensive training experience over 4 months to equip you to become a specialist in a high growth solar industry. More..Trip to West County Wastewater District Plant

Certified Nanotech & Clean Tech Professional

Scanning Electron Microscope-CTI Group

Certified Nanotech and Clean Tech Professional (CNCP) with Scanning Electron Microscope at NASA Ames Research Center.


Testimonials of our graduates of the Cleantech Institute. Read testimonials..



Cleantech Institute introduces our partner, EVRUS, a distributor of advanced DC fast charging equipment. EVRUS also provides complete installation services to build EV fast charging infrastructure across America.

EV Express fast Charger

EVRUS is the managing partner of the EV Fast Charging USA, to establish fast chargers across America, from Los Angles to New York City, a 2,800 mile journey.

Presentation: California Corridor EV Charging Infrastructure

Los Angeles- New York- EV Charging Map


US Green Vehicle Council

The United States Green Vehicle Council



Green Initiatives

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American Green Jobs Initiative

The American economic downturn requires new thinking. Green energy can free us from dependence on foreign oil and also provide new jobs for American workers. The American Green Jobs Initiative is designed to promote sustainable green jobs nationwide. If your city would like to be a part of this initiative, click here.

Is Your City Green Jobs Friendly?

Mayors, let us know if your city supports green jobs.Click here to let us know how your city is supporting Green Jobs.

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