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Certified Photovoltaic Systems Specialist (CPVS)

PV Installer


Clean Tech Institute- PV InstallationCPVS Students of the Certified Photovoltaic Systems Speciialist (CPVS) instlalled a solar system

CPVS LTranLloyd Tran, director of the Cleantech Institute at the CPVS training session

Cleaan Tech Institute Trip to Solar FarmCPVS Group visited a solar farm in Richmond, CA

CPVS solar system

CPVS -Solar SystemCPVS Students and the large solar photovoltaic system

CPVS Solar SystemOur instructor and CPVS students discussed the performance of a large scale PV system.

CPVS Solar SystemCPVS students are learing the double axis tracking mechanism of a large PV system.

CPVS Inverter systemCPVS students are listening on the demonstration of a high performance inverter system.

Lloyd Tran-Solar &  Electric CrLloyd Tran and the solar system used to chargethe Toyota Prius

Solar PV and EVSolar PV system is used to charge the electric vehicle, Toyota Prius.

Clean Tech Institute - PV-EV ShowcaseClean Tech Institute showcase photovoltaic and electric car system of integration.


Certified Photovoltaic Systems Specialist (CPVS)

t-squareThe CPVS training program is a comprehensive training experience over 16 weeks to equip you to become a specialist in photovoltaic industry.

The program includes classroom learning, tutorials and hands-on training taught by experienced instructors and seasoned solar energy professionals who are committed to starting a rewarding career in the high-growth solar energy industry.

The program provides comprehensive knowledge and practical applications of photovoltaic (solar electric) system operations, including installation, design, financing and business aspects of managing a PV project.

To sharpen the skills as a system designer, students are encouraged to enroll in the Auto-CAD Design Class offered at the Clean Tech Institute.

If you are looking to increase your marketability in the solar industry or want to make a career change into this exciting growth industry, the knowledge you will gain in the CPVS program will be the strong foundation for your future growth.

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Solar PV Installation

Topics include:

  • PV Markets and Applications
  • Electricity Basics
  • Solar Energy Fundamentals
  • PV Module Fundamentals
  • System Components
  • PV System Sizing
  • PV System Electrical Design
  • PV System Mechanical Design
  • Electrical & Mecahnical Integration
  • Permit and Inspection
  • Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • PV Panel Installtion (Hands-on)
  • Solar System Design (Hands-on)
  • Auto-CAD Design for PV Applications
  • Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Maintenance & Trouble Shooting
  • Financing a PV Project
  • Power Purchase Agreement
  • PV Project Management
  • Group Project Presentation

Course Requirements:

High school diploma with 7 years of work experience or AA degree or equivalent with at least 5 years of work experience in any industry.

Upcoming Training Dates:

Please see the training schedule or contact us at 800-567-8184 for update

Course Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
9:30 PM - 5:30 PM

The tuition for this program are fundable under the US Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Act, and/or Workforce Investment Act. For more information, please contact our Training Counselor at 800-567-8184

BROCHURE: Download a sample brochure about Certified Photovoltaic Systems Specialist.


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